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Large software projects stand a slim chance of ever being finished. Compared to work created in other fields, the ones that do survive lead very short lives. It's not uncommon for a building to stand well over a... Read More
Chad Fowler


Rails has recently added a number of features that claim to make it easier to build fast client-side applications without JavaScript. But what if you want to write a JavaScript application with... Read More
Yehuda Katz




This talk explores numbers in Ruby: integers, arbitrary-precision integers, floats, arbitrary-precision decimals, and rationals.

We are going to cover implementation in MRI and relate some abstract... Read More
Xavier Noria


What happens when you not only ignore every coding advice you've ever got but willingly do the opposite. Go against every guideline you have encountered, write code that pretends to work.

* Prepare for the... Read More


It took a while, but Rails 4 finally got out the door earlier this
year. Rails has never been a project to rest on its laurels, and X.1 releases always have tons of new goodies.

In this talk, Steve... Read More




The story of the quest to make `bundle install` faster; in which Rubyists around the world inadvertently DDoS rubygems.org, witness its ignominious death, and vow to rebuild it from the ashes stronger than it was... Read More
André  Arko


Infrastructure as Code has been a popular industry buzz-phrase, but our initial investigations left our head spinning with so many terms and concepts. Eventually we settled on using Chef, but it wasn't as easy as... Read More
Case  Taintor


Learn and develop yourself and your team through side projects, week-end projects & random hacks. How to get the most of these kinds of projects and how the RoR community can help you create beautiful stuff. 

Yonatan Bergman


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Most of us know how to build beautiful web applications with Rails. With the help of templating tools like ERB and HAML our web apps create HTML documents, but, do you know exactly how those HTML documents end up... Read More


While most parts of Rails have been thoroughly overhauled during the past few years, one part has stubbornly refused improvement. The view layer is still by default using ERB to transform your app’s objects into... Read More


YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language)  has been a structured data format frequently used in of Ruby development for some time.  It has many useful features that often go unnoticed.  

Its ability to store... Read More
Benjamin  Fleischer


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Ruby applications are becoming more complex and unwieldy (think MonoRails). An increasing number of us are trying to address this by separating our apps into gems without knowing best practices on how to write... Read More
Emily Stolfo


All you need to know to supercharge your Rails application using various levels of caching.


The pursuit of losing weight is something that people always try to achieve; the same thing happens with web apps so I'll show a plan to reduce that extra fat on the browser that we always left there.

I'm... Read More
 Hector Bustillos


Cinema Hall 3


The traditional way of running a company has been documented by people from Harvard Business School and many other reputable institutions. If you do it differently you are considered to be in uncharted territory.... Read More


The story of all the pitfalls we had while transferring FTBpro.com from the good old web to a Backbone single page application... and all the great solutions we've came up with


Historically, many Ruby on Rails applications used MySQL.  But over the last few years, thanks partly to Heroku and partly to the politics of MySQL/Sun/Oracle, more and more people have been using PostgreSQL in... Read More
Reuven M. Lerner


R&D Panel with Chad Fowler


Chad Fowler
Uri Nativ
Dotan Nahum


Lightning Talks with PJ Hagerty


Bundler has turned out to be a super-useful tool for installing and managing dependencies, but it has hidden depths. Here are some ways you can use Bundler's mostly known depths to boost your development... Read More
André  Arko


MongoDB - a powerful NoSQL database used as an efficient mail queue system, together with ruby, together with rails, as successful relationship ♥.

I would like to tell you why we decided to use mongodb for... Read More
Krzysztof  Knapik


Heroku was a great way to kick off a service fast, but proved problematic when the business grew. We will share some notes about the reasons we had to move out, the lessons we learned along the way and the... Read More


Sharing the Environment with Vagrant


Going big means you have to break things. Let's break the MVC, split Rails, use the good parts of it and move the the heavy jobs outside.


What happens, when you join existing project?

Model Relations, Controllers, Code quality status, etc. 


Is there any simple way to understand "What's going on?"


In... Read More


ok glass, now what?


Let’s that say you want to create an Admin App. that manages models in the “scaffold” way with your own look & feel.

Scaffold can be customized but is not DRY,
Rails-Admin/Active-Admin doesn’t give... Read More


The first Rails Girls Summer of Code is over. 33 women participated worldwide. For many it was the perfect opportunity to get started in the world of web development, but to make sure it’s not just a RoR detour,... Read More


We have seen a lot of rankings in our lifes, not only in WebApps but also in different devices, usually as part of a gamification implementation. But is it being really effective?

In fact, the majority of... Read More
João M. D. Moura


A Web Developer's Branding Toolkit


Atlassian DrinkUp at Levontin 7 Club


David Bonilla
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