Deathmatch: Bundler vs.

Rails Israel 2013 Conference, Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 12:40

The story of the quest to make `bundle install` faster; in which Rubyists around the world inadvertently DDoS, witness its ignominious death, and vow to rebuild it from the ashes stronger than it was before.

Then, a tour of the changes; why is Redis so much slower than Postgres? Marvel at the gorgeous metrics and graphs used to measure and optimize; gasp in delight as we track, live, exactly how many Heroku dynos are needed. Finally, a happy ending: today, the server responds to requests TWO ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE faster than it did before.

André  Arko

André Arko

Author of the jquery-rails gem, Leads the Bundler core team

André Arko is a Ruby nerd, the author of the jquery-rails gem, and leads the Bundler core team. He's been using Ruby for 9 years, and spends an awful lot of time writing webapps and tools to help build them

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