Rails Israel 2013 Conference, Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 16:00
Chad Fowler

Chad Fowler

Author, technologist, consultant, speaker, teacher, musician, organizer


I’m Chad Fowler. I write books, write and play music, write software, speak, teach, learn, organize conferences, etc.


I started and co-organized a couple of Ruby-related conferences including The International Ruby Conference and RailsConf.

Uri Nativ

Uri Nativ

VP Engineering & Site Manager


I’m currently VP Engineering and the Site Manager of Klarna Tel Aviv. I have been hooked on programming since the day I wrote my first BASIC program on the Sinclair ZX81 as a kid. As time has passed, my passion for software and technology has gotten even stronger. I have more than 16 years of experience with various companies, from small startups to big corporations. I adopted Agile Methodologies more than 6 years ago and have never let go. I’m currently on a journey to build Klarna Engineering Center in Israel.

I'm a polyglot programmer and a pragmatic builder: I design products, I spec them and then I pick how and what will allow me to build them to last.

Solving hard problems and building large-scale solutions, I've gained an expertise on the CLR, JVM, Ruby, JRuby, Node.js, Go and the Hadoop ecosystem.

I have 16 years of development, engineering and devops experience, 8 of them in the online media industry. I've tried all kind of web dev frameworks. RoR was the optimal for my needs.

I'm currently working on building innovative, agile, RoR based R&D department as VP R&D at Natural Intelligence.

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