Vitaly Kushner is a co-founder of Astrails, the
best known Ruby on Rails consulting company in Israel. He has more then 20 years of industry expeerience in a wide range of technologies, from Sinclair Basic to Linux kernel drivers. Vitaly started using Rails in 2005, and it still serves as the primary "weapon" at Astrails for developing web applications and mobile backends.

Vitaly is a public speaker and has been promoting Ruby and Rails in
Israel since 2006 when he helped organising and managing first Israeli
Ruby Group. Vitaly speaks at conferences and teaches Ruby on Rails

Together with Rails legend Obie Fernandes Vitaly co-authored "The
Rails™ 4 Way"
 - the latest edition of the most comprehensive, authoritative guide to delivering production-quality code with Rails 4.


Presentations by Vitaly Kushner:

  • אירוע openisrael, חמישי, 30 ביוני 2011, 11:35

    Javascript is one of the most used languages. Until recently it was mostly used on the client side, in your browser.

    Node.js is changing that. While there were other attempts to bring javascript to the server side, Node.js is the first one to get real traction.

    It's a blend of raw speed of the Google's V8 javascript engine,
    evented non-blocking io and minimalist design that just gets out of the way.

    In this talk I'll present the ideas behind Node.js and discuss where
    it fits best within your production stack.

  • אירוע openisrael, חמישי, 30 ביוני 2011, 13:15

    Rails 3.1 is just around the corner, latest pre releases already being
    used in production by many.

    But a lot of Rails developers are still on 2.3.x for various reasons.

    In this workshop we will take a close look at the new and exciting
    features of Rails 3.0 and 3.1.

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