Daniel Schierbeck has been programming in Ruby since 2005 after completing level 99 in PHP and figuring out there was no prize to win after all.
He studied Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, where he primarily spent his time trying to avoid writing C++. He got into Concurrent Sequential  Processes before it became cool, and wrote a Ruby implementation called Minx for his bachelor thesis. As with all academic code, it is used by no one.
He currently pumps out pull requests for a living at Zendesk, an awesome company that you should most certainly apply for a job at!


Presentations by Daniel Schierbeck:

  • Rails Israel 2013 Conference, Wednesday, October 9, 2013, 14:40
    While most parts of Rails have been thoroughly overhauled during the past few years, one part has stubbornly refused improvement. The view layer is still by default using ERB to transform your app’s objects into HTML. While HAML has gained a lot of traction, it is not a fundamental shift away from ERB, but rather a preference for putting HTML in your Ruby rather than the other way around.
    More recent efforts in the realm of JavaScript have produced Mustache and its ambitious younger brother, Handlebars. While these are more radical in their attempt to separate structure and logic, they still do not feel like native Rails code.
    Curly is a project that aims to bring a simple, powerful, and clean view layer to your Rails apps, by completely separating structure and logic while integrating with Rails. By writing all your view logic in a plain old Ruby class, you get back all the powerful means of refactoring and improving your code.
    Curly is open source and available at http://github.com/zendesk/curly

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